8 класс. Урок о путешествиях.


Stand up, please. Stand still. Good afternoon! I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please. Today I’ll be your teacher. My name is Natalia Vladimirovna. First of all tell me please what is the day today? What is the date today? Ok. Thank you for the information!

Look at the blackboard, please, read and translate the motto of our lesson: East or West home is best.

The theme of our lesson is “travelling”. We’ll read text, do some exercises and speak about traveling.

1 First of all let’s do the phonetic drill. Look at the blackboard; here you can see new words. Let’s read and translate them.

To travel – путешествовать

Journey – путешествие

To enjoy – наслаждаться

Togosightseeing – осматривать достопримечательности

Advantages – преимущества, достоинства

Hike – прогулка

Safety – безопасность

Way- путь

Tour – тур, поездка

Torelax – расслабляться

Wonder - чудо

2. Well done. Now I’ll give you the text about travelling. You should read and translate it and then answer my questions.

People began to travel ages ago. The very first travellers were esplorers who went on trips to find wealth, fame, or something else. Their journeys were very dangerous but still people keep on going to the unknown lands.

Nowadays it is not as dangerous and mush more convenient. Do you want to go somtwhere?Hundreds of companies are there to help you. They will take care about your tickets and make all the reservations needed. You don’t speak the language of the country you go to? There are interpreters that will help you.

With modern services you an go around the world.You can choose  the means of transport yu like:plane, train, ship, bicycle or you can travel hiking.

Tourism became a very profitable business because people are ready to spend their money for the great opportunity to have a great time learning about new coutries, going sightseeing, resting and enjoing themselves. It is interesting for them to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food.



Люди начали путешествовать давным давно.Peoplebegantotravelages

Их путешествия были очень опасными,но люди все продолжали идти к неизведанным землям.Their journeys were very dangerous but still people keep on going to the unknown lands.

Естьпереводчикикоторыепомогутвам There are interpreters that will help you

Современный уровень сервиса дает вам возможность путешествовать вокруг света.With modern services you an go around the world.

Туризмсталоченьвыгоднымбизнессом.Tourism became a very profitable business

Путешественник –traveller

Иследователь – esplorer


Слава - fame

Неизвестный - unknown

Опасно - dangerous

Удобно -  convenient

Компании – companies

Билет – ticket

Переводчик – interpreter

Сервис  - service

Путешествоватьпешком – travelhiking

Туризм – tourism

Возможность – opportunity

3. Modern life is impossible without travelling. Thousands of people travel every day for pleasure or for business. They can travel by air, by rail, by sea or by road.

By air: by plane, by balloon

Travelling by air is the fastest and the most convenient way, but it is the most expensive

Путешествие воздушным путем является самым быстрым и самый удобный путь, но это является самым дорогим

By rail: by train, electric train

Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. You can see much more interesting places of the country you are travelling through. Modern trains have very comfortable seats. There are also sleeping cars and dining cars which make even the longest journey enjoyable.

Путешествие поездом медленнее чем самолетом, но это имеет его преимущества. Вы можете видеть намного более интересные места страны, по которой Вы путешествуете через. Современные поезда имеют очень удобные места. Есть также спальные вагоны и вагоны - рестораны, которые совершают даже самую длинную поездку приятной.

By sea: by ship, by boat

 Travelling by sea is popular mostly for pleasure trips. On board large ships and small river boats people can visit foreign countries and different places of interest within their own country. It is very pleasant to see the rise and fall of the waves, to feel the fresh sea wind blowing and hear the cry of the seagulls. Trips on the Volga, the Dnieper, the Yenisei, and the Black Sea are very popular today.

Путешествие морским путем популярно главным образом для поездок удовольствия. На борт большие суда и маленькие речные люди лодок могут посетить зарубежные страны и различные достопримечательности в пределах их собственной страны. Очень приятно видеть повышение и падение волн, чувствовать, что новый морской ветер дует и слышит крик чаек. Поездки на Волге, Днепре, Енисее, Черное море очень популярно сегодня

Byroad: bycar, bybus, bybicycle

Many people like to travel by car. It is interesting too, because you can see many beautiful landscapes in a short time, you can stop when and where you like, you do not have to buy tickets or carry your suitcases.

Многим людям нравиться путешествовать на машине.Это интересно тоже, потому что ты можешь видить множество красивых пейзажев за короткое время,ты можешь остановиться когда и где тебе нравиться, ты не намерен покупать билеты или носить свой чемодан.

4. Have you ever thought that some people don’t like to travel? They prefer to stay at home. They say that traveling has many disadvantages.

Our next task is to find advantages and disadvantages of travelling.Read and translate them.

Discovernewplaces – обнаруживатьновыеместа

Miss your friends – скучатьподрузьям

Help to become more educated person – помогаетстатьболееобразованнойличностью

Improve knowledge of foreign language – улучшитьзнанияпоиностраннымязыкам

Waitatairports – ожидать в аэропорту

Depend on the weather – зависитотпогоды

To think about accommodation and food–думатьожилищеиеде

Teachpeopleaboutartandculture – изучатьлюдейпоискусствуикультуре

Helptorelax – помогает расслабиться отдохнуть

Thebeaches are always overcrowded – пляживсегдапереполнены

Meet interesting people – встречатьинтересныхлюдей

See world wonders – видетьмировыечудеса


5. Do you like to travel?


Why do you travel?